Servicing Your Mazda For Winter


Our service experts want every driver to feel confident in their vehicle, which is why we encourage you to bring your vehicle to Flood Mazda for your next service appointment. We will do all of the necessary work as winter approaches in the Cranston area that will keep you on the road. We tend to see a decent amount of snow, some bitter cold temperatures, and some tough road conditions that can take a toll on your vehicle, and we want you to be ready for it.


What Services Should I Get Before Winter?

There are several ways that cold weather will interact with your Mazda in Wakefield, RI and we are here to help you stay prepared.


We will start by making sure your tires are in their best condition so that you will be able to maintain a lot of traction. If your treads start to wear down they will be less effective getting a grip in the snow, and we want to keep you surefooted on every occasion.


The next essential part of your vehicle that we will look at are your brakes. We check the brakes whenever you bring your vehicle to us, but it is especially important to have brakes that are in good conditions because they help you stop at a shorter distance than ones that have worn down a bit.


Batteries have a hard time with the cold, it's a combination of damage done by hot summers and a higher demand from the engine when it is cold. We can evaluate your battery to make sure there is no damage, and, if needed, can replace it with a battery that we know will keep your vehicle starting for every commute to Warwick, RI.


Visit our Wakefield, RI Mazda Dealership for Winter Car Prep

You shouldn’t have to worry about your vehicle only performing its best during the warm months and our service center can provide you with everything that you will need to keep your vehicle ready for what is ahead.

We have already had many customers from Narragansett get their vehicles ready – partially because of the colder temperatures right on the ocean – and we want to help you prepare too!

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